Body Language at Congress 2021

Your body language is either working with you or against you — there’s not a lot of room in between. Research suggests that a significant percentage of our communication is nonverbal; from manspreading to hands in pockets, leaning in vs arms crossed, you really can influence how your message is received. And the two need to work together; if your gestures are not in alignment with your words, then you will lose trust.

Whether delivering a presentation, a staff meeting, or meeting a new pet owner, chances are that you will take the time to prepare what you will say. But do you take time to consider the non-verbal cues you are giving when delivering those well-crafted words of wisdom?

Hear more at VMG SPVS Congress 12-13 May from author Gary Lafferty, who has taught and mentored tens of thousands of people across six continents in how to structure and monetize their message. He’ll be joining us live from Florida, one of the 12 international speakers at the event.

Why not join us to hear from Gary along with a fantastic mix of international speakers, presenting across 4 diverse streams, offering a wide variety of non-clinical sessions on business, leadership and management and more.  There’ll be plenty to interest and inform the entire team!

Click here for the latest full programme details.

We will also be recording all sessions, which means you can catch up on every session after the event, at your leisure.

Tickets are just £150 for members and £200 for non-members, we also have some fantastic group discounts starting at just £100 per person, so why not register today!

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