Carbon Footprinting your digital footprint at Congress 2021

Sustainability is always something that is close to our hearts. At VMG SPVS Virtual Congress, 13-14 May, we’re committed to bringing you the latest green thinking along with practical advice on how to incorporate sustainability into your practice and everyday life.

In Carbon Footprinting your Digital Footprint, Ian Bitterlin, Consultant Engineer, will be discussing how to reduce your digital carbon footprint while continuing to be as efficient as possible in data storage and use of technology.

Although the energy needed for a single internet search or email is small, those scraps of energy, and the associated greenhouse gases emitted with each online activity, can add up. The carbon footprint of our gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions, according to some estimates. It is similar to the amount produced by the airline industry globally… and we are talking pre-Covid air travel, not 2020!
Ian, a Former Visiting Professor at Leeds University, knows a thing or two about data and shares some tips for greening up your technology.

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In addition to the above, our extensive programme offers a a wide variety of non-clinical sessions to inspire the whole team – from managing debt to civility in the workplace, flexi-working to leading in a time of change, courageous conversations to creating a digital strategy.

Plus, we’ll be recording all sessions, which means you can catch up on every session after the event, at your leisure.

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