Exhibitor Lecture Programme

The below programme shows exhibitor lecture stream content, to be held in the exhibition hall.

Stream lectures do not require pre-booking.


11:00:  Effective Client Interaction in 2022
Susie Samuel, VetHelpDirect

Now your clients can interact with you anyway they like; WhatsApp, Messenger, sms. Spend less time on the phone, never miss a message again and stay on top of payments.

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11:20:  Commit to Care: Using Social Media – You can’t fight it. 
Hillary Noyes, Hills

The internet is here to stay and your clients are on it. Learn how to work with social media, not against it, to educate and connect with your clients.

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11:40:  Why Nurse Clinics?
Gary Sheils, Norbrook

Gary Sheils will be discussing the benefits of running nurse clinics and what support Norbrook can offer.

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12:00:  Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Responsible Use of Parasiticides for Pets
acqui Skelly, BVetMed MRCVS Head of Veterinary Technical Services

Jacqui will give an introduction to Elanco, including how their recent acquisition of Bayer Animal Health enables the provision of more comprehensive solutions to farmers, vets and pet owners. We will look at Elanco’s framework of 2030 sustainability commitments and how they align with the UN Sustainability Goals.

Part of this discussion will address the important topic of Pet Health parasiticides and the environment, and the support available to practices who are looking to make more informed and responsible prescribing decisions.

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12:20:  An overview of understanding practice culture and how change is possible
Dan Tipney,Vetled

Dan will be talking in lecture stream A at 14:00 on Friday  but for those who can’t make the full lecture or who’d like a taster before they do attend then Dan will be giving an overview on the subject.

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12:40:  Safe and Effective Laser Therapy – Is It Possible?
Jason Anderson, Pioneer Veterinary Products

Jason will discuss Class I (True) Super Pulsed Laser Therapy; the research behind it, how effective and safe it is, the benefits of blue light technology, and how it differs to Class IV lasers.

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14:00:  The first thing you should think – and say – when colleagues don’t do what you expected
Brian Faulkner, BVRA

People management is more of an art than a science.  Just as sure as you think you have figured out what works when engaging one person, you find that it doesn’t work with someone else.  This is because different people hold different values, beliefs, attitudes and expectations.  And since they are autonomous they have the power to choose how they react in any given circumstance – and to complicate things further, people don’t even always react consistently when faced with the same situation!  Thus psychology and social interactions are not exact sciences and rarely, if ever, provide us with exact algorithms and protocols for dealing with others.  Wouldn’t life be great if the ‘convenient’ personality profiles we’ve probably all taken could solve all our management problems!  If only psychology really was that simple.  However, there are some principles that can help us figure out the people conundrum beginning with the first thing you should think – and say – when colleagues don’t do what you expected.

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14:20:  Great products are only part of the solution to successfully managing long-term conditions
Charlie Barton, Virtual Recall

There are now fantastic products that can significantly improve the quality of life of many of our patients living with chronic conditions.  But prescribing these treatments is just the start of the journey. The remaining challenge is two-fold:  identifying animals in need and ensuring that once diagnosed the owner stays engaged and compliant – for the LONG-TERM.  Developing an end-to-end customer care journey that support your clients at home as part of your treatment plan is vital to successful management of these chronic conditions. In this lecture we’ll Charlie will focus on areas of dermatology & OA pain management by way of example.

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14:40:  Practice Ownership: What are my options in 2022 
Dr Andy Tartaglia – BVM&S MRCVS, Medivet

The Veterinary landscape has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, opportunities to buy into a traditional Partnership are dwindling and the risk:reward of investing in a new clinic is gradually leaning towards risk, with spiralling costs and a more competitive environment.

This presentation will cover what the main options are in 2022, both from a “corporate” and “independent” perspective for vets at that key stage of their career. There are other options as well as Partnership/Ownership for those that decide it is not the right time for them.

This presentation will detail the pros and cons of each model, explain some of the differences and get you thinking about all the available options and perhaps open your mind to new possibilities.

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15:30:  The most valuable thing your practice probably ISN’T doing
Will Stirling – VetsDigital

Think email is dead? Think again! Done properly, email can be one of the most valuable ways to attract new clients to your business. But are you utilising your email list properly? And how can you ensure you are using it most effectively?

In this value-packed session we will share how to automate your emails, educate your clients to catch conditions early, and how to close the customer feedback loop with live chat and Facebook.

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15:50:  Inpatient Updates without the Telephone Tennis
Thom Jenkins – PetsApp

“No news is good news.” “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Thom tried both these lines and others when admitting patients to the clinic. It didn’t work. The owners still called, typically when he was taking blood from a fractious cat or scrubbing up for surgery. He’d call back and leave a beautifully crafted voicemail when the owner inevitably wouldn’t answer. Okay, maybe not beautifully crafted but it didn’t matter – the owner wouldn’t listen to it anyway – they’d call back. And so it went on…

Thom has since solved for these games of telephone tennis that nobody loves, and in this talk he’ll share exactly how.

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16:10:  Technology in the Modern Veterinary Practice
Jonathan Holloway, MWI

Choosing technology for your practice can be confusing and frustrating.  Jonathan will look at the factors you need to consider when choosing a Practice Management System and supporting applications to help run your practice.  He will finally look at considerations for buy and build (including low and no-code solutions) and how to utilise these for competitive advantage.

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09:30:  Why does Petplan recommend Vet Envoy for claims submission? 
Sarah Kirkham, VetEnvoy

Backed by SPVS, VetEnvoy®’s eClaim service works with your Practice Management System (PMS), enabling you to quickly process your insurance claims on a completely paperless basis. It frees up your time, enables quicker payment and results in a better experience for your clients. No need to submit paper claims or log-in to multiple different insurance portals!

Please join Petplan and Vet Envoy as they discuss how Vet Envoy works, the benefits to practice and future plans for the business. You’ll also have the opportunity to share feedback or ask any questions!

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09:50:  5 reasons to go digital with your patient workflow
Peter Renwick, Plexi Vet

Do you experience one or more of the following issues in your practice?

  1.  Patient treatments and tasks are late or overlooked
  2.  Billing items get missed off invoices
  3.  It’s impossible to know what’s happening across the building without ringing or walking around it
  4.  Your paper records and whiteboards are often difficult to read, inaccurate and either temporary or potentially get mis-filed
  5.  Scheduling of facilities, people and patient care is a challenge.

This presentation will outline how Plexi’s cloud-based patient workflow app solves all of these day-to-day practice problems and many more!

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10:10:  Recruitment marketing – let the talent come to you! 
Olly King, The Meraki Initiative

Are you perpetually understaffed? Are you fed up posting generic job adverts that get drowned in a sea of other adverts and undersell your workplace? Do you want an easier and cheaper way to take charge of your recruitment? Do you have a great team and company culture to share? If so, it’s time to empower yourself and modernise your recruitment. Give yourself a soaring competitive advantage to retain and build your dream team.

The Meraki Initiative help the best in the profession stand out and meet in a better way. Their unique workplace profiles share an honest and authentic insight into your company values, employee experience and people so that you can engage talent that share you values. Never get overlooked again. Excite and get noticed by students and professionals searching for a workplace with a people and culture fit that’s right for them and a perfect match to drive the success of your business.

Join Olly King to learn how we are setting a new recruitment and workplace standard to inspire cultural change and make the profession a better place to work.

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10:30:  An introduction to Citation
Adrian Brine & Nigel Lea, Citation

Citation has been working in association with SPVS since 2001, is a Company Member of VMG and a FairShare Rebate Partner of VetShare.

In this informal session, Nigel Lea and Adrian Brine will lead a discussion on the key HR and Health & Safety challenges facing Vet Businesses, and how Citation can help. Between them, Nige and Ade have over 35 years’ experience of safeguarding and protecting Vet Businesses so please come along with any questions/issues that you would like to discuss.

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10:50:  The Essentials of Collaboration
Andrew Curwen – MRCVS, XLVets

Whether you’re setting up your own practice or growing your business, a little help goes a long way. This interactive session explores collaboration and simply demonstrates how attitude, openness, experimentation and respect mean that collaborative behaviour will win out in the end.

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11:10:  Saving Veterinary Medicine One Leadership Action At A Time
Dr Dave Nichol, VetX International

Using survey data from veterinary practice owners and managers, VetX International has identified 4 key leadership actions that directly influence veterinary practice culture. In this talk, we will detail what these actions are and how you as a leader in the veterinary profession can go out and build healthy and sustainable cultures in your practice.

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12:00: Nutrition for behavioural health. Fact or Fiction? 
Shelley Audis-Riddell, Breakthrough Behavioural Products

Stress in dogs is often demonstrated in unwanted behaviours which can lead to a cycle of interrelated stress in the owners, surrender of the dog to the rescue sector or, in extremis, euthanasia. Veterinary practice can offer drug and/or pheromone treatment as well as referral to qualified animal behaviourists.

Behaviourists have long been familiar with ‘Val Strong’s original serotonin enhancing diet. Breakthrough StartUp is the complete dry dog food version of Val’s Diet. The diet features a unique ingredient balance that allows the vital amino acids and vitamins needed to synthesise key neurotransmitters such as serotonin to reach the brain for when they are required. The diet helps dogs reach and maintain optimal emotional balance and mood state by regulating arousal levels and improving learning and decision making. Breakthrough StartUp was initially trialled by behaviourists, Wood Green Animal Shelter and more recently a double-blind study has been conducted within a rescue kennel situation with very encouraging results.

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12:20:  Motivation Matters – “People leave bosses not jobs!”
Karen Froud-Murray, Vital Spark

“People leave bosses not jobs!” A quote used many times, this is from Forbes.

How motivated are you? Out of 10? Be honest with yourselves. What really motivates you? How can you ensure you get this in your current role?

Motivation is a key role for all leaders’, coaches, colleagues, and of course self-motivation.

As Stephen Covey says in the ‘7 habits of highly successful people’ “seek first to understand then be understood”. This amazing tool will help you; your leaders and colleagues understand how motivation is an intrinsic part of employee engagement. With the profession struggling with recruitment and retention – what do you have to lose to come and listen to hear & see some new ideas which work?

As a former qualified veterinary nurse and national sales and marketing manager of blue-chip companies, Karen Froud-Murray really wish she’d known this when she  was leading my teams!

Did you know there are 9 key motivators, and each has its own strategy? Want to find out more? and be the leader, coach mentor, that a critical team member does not leave in the future.

Join Karen for a whistle-stop tour of Motivation, where I’ll share insights from an ISO accredited tool and my professional accredited knowledge, to help you gain insight into what could be your motivator for: self-development and awareness, be an even greater team player, leader, coach.

Discover more about individual motivator hot buttons and key rewards. Be sure to stay to the end of the talk to get an exclusive Congress discount, and a chance to win a Motivational Map. Plus, you will also get the first 30-minute zoom coaching session on your personal Motivational Map too. Worth over £250.

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12:40:  An exploration of the impact of Brexit and COVID upon the veterinary supply chain in recent years, concluding with how to protect your costs during difficult and unprecedented times.
Anita Bates, MiVetClub & VetShare Buying Groups

Anita will show the true impact of Brexit to suppliers – increased paperwork, changes to import and export rules, additional costs, delays in deliveries due to incorrect paperwork and then true impact of COVID to suppliers – lack of staff, infrastructure not flexible to home working, furlough (and ongoing costs/understanding of costs), increased demand for products (PPE & Vaccines), products diverted to NHS/frontline staff, increased cost in airfreight, logistic delays – lack of container ships in Far East – not being returned from Europe/US; lack of lorry drivers and increased staffing costs, delays, reduced raw material availability etc and talk about how this has all affect pricing.

How to protect – Anita will discuss the need and importance of contracts and personal relationships with your key suppliers and why this needs to be reviewed. Talk about benefits of having a good negotiator in the business or good business partner, like a buying group – sharing how CVS have protected their costs through bulk buying and direct relationships (and how this has impacted our members at a time when they had no time or staff to work on it).

Conclusion – contract with your key suppliers or use buying group that does. Know your numbers – you can negotiate better if you are prepared to bulk buy or at the least forecast your usage for future and agree to use a preferred partner rather than just squeeze a supplier for best price today – work on creating a sustainable relationship that is fair and flexible to both parties.

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