Congress 2022 – New to Management Lecture Stream

Have you recently, or are you about to take your first steps into management?  We have a whole lecture stream just for you at SPVS VMG Leadership and Management Congress 2022, 21 – 22 January.

In Help! They were my friends, now I’m their manager, Helen Ballantyne, NHS discusses how do you navigate the fine line of being a friend, who also has to set boundaries as a manager. Helen, who worked as an RVN before qualifying as a human-centred nurse and working for the NHS, will talk you through her experiences, and suggest the ground rules and boundaries to set, and the pitfalls to avoid, to help you find the right balance between being a manager and a friend.

In 10 Laws Every Veterinary Manager Needs to be Aware of, Join Brian Faulkner, Colourful CPD / BVRA as he outlines 10 laws, regulations or standards that veterinary managers need to be aware of in order operate legally and professionally. Giving those new to a management role the practical understanding and application of a range of regulations that relate to clinical, client, financial and employment aspects of veterinary practice.

In Effective Complaint Management, Jennie Jones, Veterinary Client Mediation Services will share insights from the independent mediation organisation, funded by the RCVS which provides effective complaint resolution and mediation across the veterinary sector in the UK. Jennie’s session will use real world examples to explore the most effective strategies that new managers can use when encountering disputes.  The session will also look at how new managers can support their team by shaping a progressive learning culture which uses all forms of feedback as positive tools to improve client relationships and the individual professional resilience and satisfaction of the team.

In Sink or Swim – What other options are there? Supporting new team members from a new managers perspective, Samantha Thompson RVN, Cert VN ECC Grad Dip VN DET (Diploma in Education and Training), Linneaus will cover designing a programme of induction from the ground up – looking at induction structure, skills scanning, establishing prior knowledge and building a resource bank. She will talk through the common obstacles faced and consider ways to overcome these. With a review of successful induction case studies and suggestions for development, new managers will come away with strategies on how to build an effective induction programme in practice.

And our New to Management Forum offers a relaxed session where you can share experiences, discuss any dilemmas or issues that you may be facing, or simply come along to connect with others in a similar situation.

We pride ourselves on our relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so why not join us in Newport 21 – 22 January at the fantastic new ICC Wales, for our engaging and informative lecture programmes, fun social events and lively exhibition hall.
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