SPVS and VMG Combined Regional CPD Programme 2020

Join us in 2020 for another full programme of regional training days, with the emphasis on people management, sustainability, quality improvement, and business finance.

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For every 4 people a practice or company books with us in a single calendar year, we will offer 1 free place at any future course in the calendar year. This does not apply to Focus Days.
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Book two CPD courses in any one calendar year and you can attend the third for just £50. This does not apply to Focus Days.

Upcoming CPD Events in 2020:

Greening up the Vet Profession: Practical steps to sustainable practice

3 March, Milton Keynes
Ellie West, Davies Veterinary Specialists & April Sotomayor, Investors in the Environment

What exactly is sustainability? Is it carbon or waste or both? And what could and should veterinary practices be focusing on to make the biggest impact? Quite apart from the ethical obligations, sustainability makes good business sense. From the PR angle, your clients will increasingly want to know you care, as will potential new staff members. Legally you are obliged to adhere to certain regulations and these will continue to become tougher, and financially, saving energy and waste saves money. Ellie West is a leading light in veterinary sustainability, campaigning within the wider profession as well as leading by example in her own role at Davies Veterinary Specialists. She is joined by April Sotomayor who advises a range of businesses and professions on sustainability and together they take you through the challenges and practical solutions towards becoming a greener practice.

Who will benefit: Anyone in practice with an interest in or responsibility for sustainability and/or waste management.

Progressing into Management

18 March, Newbury – Fiona Nicol, VetPartners
30 September, Preston – Becky Dobell, VetPartners

Moving into a management role can be daunting, particularly if you are promoted within your practice and so find yourself managing colleagues. But if you make the transition smoothly, it can be very rewarding both to the practice and to you personally. There are some key things you can learn such as how to give positive feedback, the art of delegation and the importance of consistency. Fiona and Becky, Business Support Manager with VetPartners, both have long experience of supporting vet practice. They will describe different leadership styles and management techniques, including role specific case studies and scenarios to help you tailor the advice to your specific needs

Who will benefit: Vets, nurses or reception staff who have recently moved up to Clinical Director, Head Nurse, Head Receptionist or Practice Manager and existing managers who would like to polish up their management and leadership skills.

Quality Improvement: Taking your practice forward

29 April, Preston
Pam Mosedale, RCVS Knowledge QI Advisory Board Chair

Clinical audits, protocols and checklists are increasingly commonplace in vet practices and are a requirement for higher levels of the Practice Standards Scheme and the awards. Often these are devised by practice owners and clinical directors and not shared as widely as they might be with the wider team. For practice managers, it can be felt that these are a clinical matter, and yet, much of their implementation is about management. This session, led by Pam Mosedale explores what is meant by Clinical Governance in a vet practice context, what it might look like in practice and the role of a manager in setting up and implementing good Clinical Governance. Pam will be joined by a Practice Manager to share her experience.

Who will benefit: Targeted at a non-clinical audience, but of relevance to Head Nurses and Clinical Directors as well as Practice Managers. Useful for anyone involved with setting up and/or and overseeing or implementing reporting and operating procedures and H&S.

Management Mastery: Leadership skills for a happy, productive team

20 May, Milton Keynes
Steve Millbank, Cake People

Are you confident you have the skills to lead a team and make your practice a great place to work? If your career to date has been more clinical than people orientated, or if you feel your leadership skills could do with some benchmarking against other practices, this is the course for you. In a fast paced, interactive, practical day, Steve Millbank will touch on how to give feedback and manage difficult conversations; how to be a mentor to your team; the different skills required to manage downwards (your team) and upwards (your boss or maybe head office). He will also cover communication, team engagement and understanding and creating a great culture. Any one of these topics could fill a day, so expect to have your thinking stretched and be signposted to where you can learn more. But you will also take home examples of things you can implement immediately and easily to really make a difference.

Who will benefit: Clinical Directors, Practice Managers, Head Nurses or Head Receptionists wanting to polish their management and leadership skills. Anyone who has previously attended our Progressing into Management courses and is looking for the next step.

Profitable Practice: Improving your Bottom Line

11 June, Berkshire
Mark Harwood, Hazlewoods and Georgina Hills, IVC and VMG

Is your practice as profitable as it could be? And have you identified and prioritised those simple things that could improve your bottom line? Do you have a pricing policy that you regularly review and do you know which KPIs really matter? This course will allow you to compare turnover per vet, spend per client etc with national trends and take away simple, practical ways to reduce costs and increase profit.

Mark Harwood from Veterinary Accountants, Hazlewoods will draw on figures from some of the country’s leading practices to help you benchmark your performance. He will demonstrate how he has worked with practice owners to help drive management decisions to maximise profits and cash flow.

He will be joined by Georgina Hills, Operations Manager for IVC in the North West, who will bring her experience from both private and corporate practice. She will bring a practical practice perspective to the figures, including how to read your management accounts and track the most relevant KPIs.

Who will benefit: Clinical Directors, Practice Managers and Practice Owners who want to understand more about practice finance and profitability.

Management Mastery: Do you have a plan and the time to enact it!

4 November, Solihull
Debbie Robinson, Vet Dynamics

Do you have a one, two or five year strategic plan for your business? Every practice manager, clinical director and practice owner should have the skill set to create an effective business strategy and know how to implement and measure it.
A good strategy looks at the external and internal environment and develops key business objectives around these. It has input from the whole team using SWOT analysis or similar to do this effectively. Once the strategy is agreed, it has to be implemented and the key objectives regularly measured against the most relevant KPIs. All this takes time, and so this fast-paced day from Vet Dynamics, starts with a master class in time management for managers. It then addresses some of the key elements of strategic planning and implementation using examples taken from practice and sharing the experiences of others on the course. You will leave with a better understanding of strategic planning and improved confidence to carry it out.

Who will benefit: Practice Managers and Clinical Directors making a case to bosses for investment or change; practice owners building or maintaining their business profitability and anyone interested in the theory and practice of good business management.

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