Equine and Large Animal at VMG SPVS Congress 2021

Equine and Large Animal practices have always been an important part of VMG SPVS Congress and this year, in addition to all our great veterinary leadership and management sessions, we have a stream dedicated to meet your needs!

In Leading Remotely Paul Horwood, Sandstone Communications discusses how managing a peripatetic workforce, can be difficult at the best of times and the restrictions around the pandemic have exacerbated this.  The loneliness and isolation felt by some vets has been cited as reasons for leaving the profession while others have talked about the negative impact on mental health and wellbeing.  For the boss or manager, having to interact, motivate, and lead the team remotely is just that much harder.

Paul has worked in large animal practice in the US and UK, including as a Partner in a large animal veterinary group.  He now runs a management consultancy helping businesses large and small outside the profession create high performing teams.  He brings this mix of experience to discuss how you can best support, manage, and lead a team who spend most of their working day on farms, in yards or on the road.

In Marketing Equine Practice: a case study Justin Phillips, Founder, Practice Made Purrfect applies his passion for marketing to equine practice and shares how he has helped one equine practice re-evaluate their marketing to achieve their business goals.  An ambitious target at the best of times, but particularly poignant in the middle of a pandemic.

Justin will take you through the first year’s activity from agreeing the objectives, identifying all the client touch points and evaluating which activities will give the best return, relative to the investment of time and money. He’ll de-myth how you get Google working for you, use reminders to boost patient recall and supercharge your Health Plan to build reoccurring revenue. Equine vets are blessed with a highly engaged, deeply invested client base with enormous potential to create a powerful community of advocates; Justin shows how to make the most of this to build business.

In Equine Debt Management & Credit/cashflow Liz Somerville, VMG and Loch Leven Equine discusses why we tend to manage debt so badly in equine practice. Is it our client base, maybe they expect to be able to run up bills and not pay for several months or worse still move to another practice when they have an emergency at 2am. Or maybe we have trained them through years of offering free credit?

The impact of poor debt management is huge, it impacts your business’ ability to pay bills and invest in your team, stifles growth and causes many sleepless nights for practice owners. Loch Leven Equine Practice had a good debt management strategy before COVID with weekly invoicing, 14 days credit, a prompt payment discount for payment on the day and payment at the time for new clients. However on 23rd March 2020 everything changed. Liz Somerville is going to share her experience of how she used COVID to make the jump from offering credit to clients to asking for payment on the day and the many positives that have come from it.

Plus Andre Rigo, Cainthus (US), Stuart Russell, Define:Ag (UK) and Sally Wilson, Evolution Farm Vets (UK) discuss Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Herd Health Management in UK and US

In the US, it is not unusual for a dairy herd to have 10–12,000 cows in one location. For these herds, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to gather data on, for instance, lying, standing and feeding times.  These can help show very quickly the impact on yield of management, staff or feeding changes.

In this session, Andre Rigo, a vet working on AI in large herds in the US, takes us on a tour of a super-herd set up in California, explaining how the latest AI applications help improve farm management, and how the same principles can be applied to typical UK herds. Stuart Russell, UK Dairy vet and data scientist with Define:Ag, assesses what is available and being used right now in the UK, and together with Sally Wilson from Evolution Farm Vets, they discuss the future of AI in herd health management and measurement of such things as welfare and productivity. Might this help the current frustrations of self-reporting when it comes to submitting lameness and mobility data to the large milk buyers?  And, crucially, what role does the vet have to play?

Why not join us to hear from the above along with a fantastic mix of international speakers, presenting across 4 diverse streams, offering a wide variety of non-clinical sessions on business, leadership and management and more.  There’ll be plenty to interest and inform the entire team!

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We will also be recording all sessions, which means you can catch up on every session after the event, at your leisure.

Tickets are just £150 for members and £200 for non-members, we also have some fantastic group discounts starting at just £100 per person, so why not register today!

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