Equine and Large Animal

At SPVS VMG Congress 2020 we have combined Equine and Large Animal to bring you a full day of engaging content from leading speakers within this field.

Where is the money coming from in Large Animal Practice – Sponsored by VetShare MiVetClub
Responsible anti-microbial use, rising salaries and alternative medicine suppliers are just a few of the financial pressures which may affect the income and expenditure of your large animal.  With the income shift away from the medicine trail, where should large animal managers focus their attention to ensure their practices adapt and remain profitable?
Alan Robinson, Vet Dynamics will demonstrate how to keep ahead of the challenges and build your wider services.  Alan is joined by Jenny Bellini, Friars Moor Vets who will explain how they have approached the Anti-microbial resistance (AMR)  “financial conflict of interest” with surprising financial results.
Flexitime and Continuity of Care in Equine Practice
There is a common misconception that Flexible working means part-time hours for mothers with young children.  In reality there are a great many different forms of flexible working such as full-time hours across a working week, but at a time that works for you.  Nor are those requesting flexitime only fitting working hours around childcare; they may be studying for a diploma, training for a triathlon, or looking after their own horse.  In this session, Hattie Lawrence, Equine Director UK for CVS describes how to overcome the challenges and explain how Flexible Working can not only benefit employees, it can improve productivity and staff retention, and is our best chance to secure a sustainable workforce for the future.
Running Successful Equine & Large Animal Client Meetings – Sponsored by Norbrook
Whether you are a new start up practice, looking to expand your catchment area or want to focus on building meaningful relationships to retain your current clients, educational client talks offer a great marketing opportunity for equine and farm practices alike. Liz Somerville, Loch Levin Equine Practice  will take you through how to build clients talks into your overall marketing strategy, making sure your clients go away feeling enthused, engaged and recommending the practice to all their friend.
Quality Improvement: Walking the Talk in Ambulatory Practice
Quality Improvement is the new ‘holy grail’ in veterinary medicine but what does it actually mean?  Chances are you are doing QI already, just not calling it that, so why all the fuss?  Rachel Dean, Director of Clinical Research and Excellence in Practice at Vet Partners, explains why she believes it is important to formalise QI and bring the whole team on board with an understanding of why it matters.  Rachel worked in mixed, large animal and small animal practice as well as working in referral and research institutes. She took a masters in Evidence Based Healthcare with Oxford University and has spent time working on QI within the NHS.
We hope to see you at SPVS VMG Congress 2020, But hurry, we’re selling out fast!