Lecture Synopses

Our confirmed sessions include:

A Picture Paints 1,000 words
Alexander Arpino, VisioCare Services
Research by VisioCare Services among 50 practices showed a 56% higher uptake of dental services where a vet used a video to explain the procedure to a pet owner compared to when they didn’t.  In this session, Alexander Arpino shares the research while a case study practice describes how they use video animations to explain procedures to clients.

Creating a Virtual Referral Service in your GP Practice
Nuala Summerfield, Virtual Veterinary Specialists (VVS)
In this session, Cardiology Specialist and founder of VVS, Nuala Summerfield will explain both the benefits and the steps required to bring Specialist-level care into first opinion practices, seamlessly and immersively. Nuala will share real-life case study examples of internal referral streams that have been developed in first opinion practices in UK, across multiple specialist disciplines including cardiology, diagnostic imaging, dermatology and neurology.  She will also cover the many knock-on benefits to your team.  First opinion nurses now have the opportunity to become “specialist nurses”, working regularly under the guidance of Specialists, within their own practice. First opinion vets have the opportunity to be mentored by and to work closely with a multidisciplinary team of Specialists, in all areas that they wish to develop further, again all within their own practice.  The virtual future has only just begun!

Making Video Consults a reality in GP Practice
Susie Samuel, Vet Help Direct
Video consults are here to stay, but that should be viewed as an opportunity, not threat.  There are several big players offering video consults direct to the pet owner, but research shows that owners would far rather consult on line with their own, trusted vet.  The opportunities are there for enhanced client engagement and contact along with flexible working for your vets.  Susie Samuel will share case study examples from different practices of how to successfully overcome the technological, people, and logistical hurdles to getting telemedicine incorporated into the daily routine of GP practice.  Susie will help you understand the technology required, and will be joined by an Onswitch team member who will discuss the logistics and people management issues around incorporating video consulting into your busy practice.

Client Communication in a Digital Age
Thom Jenkins, PetsApp
Research suggests that millennials prefer their first (and often subsequent) contacts with anyone to be online. And indeed more and more pet owners of any age are used to easy online communication.  How do you harness that in your practice?   Imagine a scenario whereby your receptionists and nurses are using technology to interact seamlessly with clients through their preferred channel, building relationships that lead to more monetised health communications.   You can have several text chats in the time it takes to speak on the phone; and there are less barriers to a digitally savvy pet owner communicating with their practice online.  When they do want to speak to a vet this advice can then be easily monetised via a video consultation whereas usual practice is that a chat with your vet on the phone is free, if offered at all. Thom Jenkins shares research he has done into how practices and pet owners are using his and other digital platforms and explores how you can apply this within your own practice.

Practice Management Systems for a Digital Age
Nick Lloyd, VetXML and SPVS JVP
There are a huge range of new technologies coming on the market from smart wearables to paperless workflow systems; owner apps to online consultations.   For the vet or practice manager trying to navigate through these and decide which will work for their practice it can come down to how well their PMS can cope.  At the moment, for most practices, it is the Clinical Director or Practice Manager who is having to connect the dots and make the different applications somehow work together.   No one wants the upheaval of changing their PMS unless it is absolutely necessary, but practices need to be confident their system is fit for the future.   How do PMS providers need to adapt and are they doing so? Nick Lloyd describes what he thinks a future proof PMS system might look like.

Carbon Footprinting your Digital Footprint
Prof Ian F Bitterlin, Consulting Engineer & Visiting Professor, University of Leeds
Practices are increasingly thinking about sustainability and ‘greening up’.  But along with your recycling and waste management, have you considered your digital carbon footprint? So how do you reduce your digital carbon footprint while continuing to be as efficient as possible in data storage and use of technology?

Improving Clinical Outcomes Through Audits and National Registries
Mark Morton, RCVS Knowledge Canine Cruciate Registry and ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists
Audits (both clinical and non-clinical) are an important element of quality improvement within practice. However, many practices are unclear how best to do these.  Or perhaps you are doing audits but would like to be able to benchmark your performance against others.  Within human medicine, technology is increasingly being used not only to carry out audits, but to pool and share audit data within national registries.   RCVS Knowledge have set up the first of what they hope will be a series of national veterinary registries.  In this session, Mark Morton, Clinical Lead for the RCVS Knowledge Canine Cruciate Registry, will describe how practices will be able to use digital data they already have in practice management systems for clinical audits and how to benchmark using the bigger sample in the registry. This can help to guide decision making around treatment options and to engage and inform pet owners.  He will discuss both the benefits and challenges of audits and registries in human medicine and describe how this learning is being applied within veterinary practice.

Exhibition Round Up 
We have an exhibition positively overflowing with innovation. Your chairs will take you through a whistle stop guide to what’s on offer and what not to miss, giving a selection of exhibitors ‘Just a Minute’ to tell you why they think you should visit their stand over lunch time.  A perfect way to get up to speed with new technology in a short, sharp burst.

Draft programme, subject to change