Focus on our Digital Future Exhibitors

We’re delighted to have the following companies join us as exhibitors at this event:

To support the veterinary practice of the future, we’ve combined the expertise of Centaur Services, St Francis Group and Vetswest buying groups and Vet Space practice management technology to provide flexible, comprehensive solutions for your practice. Learn more about our story and how our combined resources can give you the tools and the time to thrive as a practice and focus on your patients.

Petsapp provides an app-based client engagement and telemedicine solution for veterinary clinics, enabling them to better engage with pet owners and better advocate for their patients. Our product includes role-based text chat, with the potential to engage the capabilities of the entire veterinary team, as well as video consultation and payment processing capabilities. The core value proposition to clinics include: monetisation of a previously un-monetisable touchpoint (the phone call!), capacity utilisation improvements, and lead generation. We thinks it’s wrong that 92% of all pet issues go unaddressed by veterinary expertise, and we want to help veterinary clinics solve for that.

Plexi’s inpatient management software allows forward-thinking practices to go paper-light, getting rid of whiteboards and paper inpatient records whilst streamlining patient workflow, scheduling and internal communication. The app’s practice-wide availability, built-in drug calculators and reminder systems keep tasks on track, on time and improve patient care and outcomes. At the same time, Plexi’s billing-capture feature boosts revenue and profitability. Plexi can be accessed either within the practice or remotely, allowing clinical and management team members to stay informed and in-touch, wherever they are. Making the change to a digital inpatient management system makes sense for any modern, progressive practice, and never more so than in current circumstances.


VetHelpDirect for Vets is the leading specialist veterinary digital agency. Since 2006, we’ve been supporting practices with tailored websites, blogs, SEO, emails and Facebook. We are now also offering Live web chat for your website. Our experienced digital marketing team includes vets, vet nurses and practice managers who provide trusted advice and expertise. VetHelpDirect run ‘Best UK Vet’ awards as well as the UK’s number one dedicated vet review platform and directory.

Training-Progress is a Team and Quality Management System designed to ensure your team is working consistently to your business’s processes.  Veterinary owned, the system was designed in response to a genuine need in practice to ensure all team members were fully trained and competent in all the tasks required for their job role. The integrated document management system ensures consistency and requires acknowledgement of changes brought through quality improvement cycles.  Reporting systems allow tracking of training for change management, objective appraisal data and proof for compliance schemes such as PSS.

Use Training-Progress to share your vision of the New Normal.

VetZ is an independent, family owned company providing the Practice Management Software easyVET and the Image Management Solution easyIMAGE. With more than 4,500 clients worldwide and over 120,000 satisfied customers, VetZ has been one of the leading providers in Veterinary Practice Management since 1997.

Virtual Veterinary Specialists provides a totally unique way of working with Specialists. Using our patented digital platform our Specialists can see your ultrasound screen, your scanning hand and your patient, they will live-guide you to get the best images, interpret these images, take samples and perform procedures. Specialists can look down ear canals with you, auscultate chests with you, and join you whilst you do a Neurology exam, they can work with you, in real time, to take samples in a dermatology exam, and examine these down the microscope. By integrating Specialists into your team you can provide a fully comprehensive veterinary healthcare solution all under one roof. Your patients can access Specialist expertise, your clients become bonded to your practice, your vets get RCVS approved CPD from their own cases, and your practice gets increased revenue. Our service is completely bespoke and built around your practice needs and interests. Explore how this ground-breaking service can supercharge your practice.

Vision4Vets provide practices with a range of client communication tools that include: a library of videos for the practice website, social media and to email directly to clients. Vision4Vets also provides the market leading personalised waiting room TV channel for practices across the UK and Ireland. The unique news, sport and entertainment feed combined with the flexibility to personalise the video content at practice level ensures every client’s engagement is maximised.