Focus on our Digital Future -Teleconsults post Covid-19

We are delighted that Susie Samuel, Vet Help Direct will be joining us at Focus on our Digital Future Virtual Summit on the 23rd June.

During ‘Teleconsults post Covid-19’ Susie will be discussing the key challenges that practices have faced, and what are the hurdles to be overcome to truly embed teleconsults in your practice?  Do you now understand the technology?  Is it working as well as it might and how successfully are you integrating this to your PMS and other existing systems?  And crucially, how are you selling it to your clients?

Susie Samuel will help you capitalise on the experience of teleconsulting when it was a necessity as you move forward to offering it as an integral part of your service. She is joined by Peter Haworth, New Era Veterinary Hospital and Tanya Crawley, Vets4Pets, Swindon, one was catapulted into telemedicine by the Corona-crisis, the other had been testing a telemedicine service before. They share their frustrations and successes, how they have made teleconsults time efficient, and how they market teleconsulting to their pet owners.

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So come and join us on 23rd of June for a day of live and interactive sessions from speakers like Susie, at the forefront of digital development.  All sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees after the event, so you can catch up on every lecture at your leisure.

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