Katherine Eitel Belt at Congress 2021

Were delighted to have Katherine Eitel Belt of LionSpeak returning as a speaker at VMG SPVS Virtual Congress 2021, 13-14 May.

We had amazing feedback from Katherine’s sessions at last December’s Focus on Leadership and Management, which makes us even more delighted to announce that she will be speaking not once but twice at Congress 2021!

In Vision, Values and Strategy Katherine will discuss why you need your team to understand and buy in to your vision, values and strategy, and why these should be alive, meaningful, and influential for your team. It’s hard for them to do that if you haven’t clarified these for yourself and articulated them in a clear and inspiring way.

Your vision and values is not a ‘one and done’ but should be constantly reviewed and refreshed, particularly after something as life changing as a pandemic.   If well written and communicated they will then form the basis for all subsequent communication and the benchmarks for you to measure team behaviour and performance.

In this session, Katherine will outline a new and “re-envisioned” approach to vision, values, and strategy, what to include and what to leave out and how to use them to rally and align your team to become accountable for the outcomes you need and want.

In Four Questions to Achieve Team Compliance without being the ‘bad guy’ Katherine will discuss how in an era of inclusive leadership with the emphasis on consensus and teamwork, it may sound old fashioned to say ‘my practice; my rules’, but these should not be incompatible.   In this session, Katherine will look at the reasons someone might not be delivering the outcomes you want.  Are they unaware of what they should be doing?  Do they not have the skills, the emotional intelligence or the intellect required? Or are they choosing to be non-compliant?  Working through these and really understanding each step will allow you to rationalise under-performance and tackle bad behaviour so that you can finally build that dream team: self-directed, innovative, compliant and aligned!

International speaker, author, and coach, Katherine Eitel Belt is best known for helping professionals develop courageous, unscripted conversations with clients, co-workers, and audiences.  Her company, LionSpeak help dental, veterinary, and discretionary healthcare practices as well as corporate sales/executive teams achieve extraordinary results by leveraging their ability to communicate with greater impact.

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We will also be recording all sessions, which means you can catch up on every session after the event, at your leisure.

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