Margaret Burnside on Emotional Intelligence & Performance Conversations

We are delighted that Margaret Burnside will be speaking not once but twice at SPVS VMG Congress 2020 . Director of CAKE People Development a management consultancy specialising in Leadership and Management Development, Coaching and Mentoring; and Organisational Development with clients across many business sectors in the UK and Europe, Margaret has over 30 years of experience within learning and development.  Margaret has a passion for helping organisations develop an engaging culture, often through working with the top teams and senior leaders.

On Friday 24th Margaret will be discussing Emotional Intelligence: What is it, how to Measure and Improve it.  People talk about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) vs IQ but while there is a standard (if controversial) measurement of IQ few actually define what they mean by EQ, with a general feeling that it is more abstract and therefore not possible to measure.  But EQ has been defined and can be measured.  What’s more contrary to popular myth, it is not a fixed thing.  Once you have measured EQ, you can work on ways to improve it, in yourself and in members of your team.   Margaret will be describing the science behind the most widely accepted measure of EQ, the MSCEIT test, and how you can use this effectively as a personal development and leadership tool.
On Saturday 25th Margaret will be discussing Performance Conversations – The effectiveness of Annual (or even 6 monthly ) Appraisals against the current thinking that suggests regular ‘conversations’ or ‘check-ins’ are more effective and weighing this up against the practicalities of managing a busy overstretched clinical and non-clinical team.






We hope to see you at SPVS VMG Congress 2020, But hurry, we’re selling out fast!