Moving to Paperless Inpatient Workflow System

How many of you recognise this…  A busy practice at handover time with incoming and outgoing vets and nurses.  The departing team have written detailed notes on a piece of paper about each patient and their care plans etc. etc. One of the incoming nurses is busy writing her own notes during the handover. The whole process takes at least 15 minutes of four people’s valuable time.

This is a scenario Peter Renwick of Plexi Software saw many times as a specialist in a busy referral hospital which is what prompted him, on ‘semi-retirement’ to set up a digital system of inpatient management. At SPVS/VMG Focus on Our Digital Future Virtual Summit, he will be talking about how it can cut down handover times and reduce the chance of potentially critical information getting ‘lost in translation’….. or, in the case of those carefully prepared sheets of paper, just lost! He will be joined by a vet from a practice that has made the shift who will talk about the challenges of getting the team on board to embrace the new system and how it has changed their lives for better or worse!

So come and joining us on 23rd of June for a day of live and interactive sessions from speakers like Peter, at the forefront of digital development. 

Tickets £50 members, £75 non members.

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We look forward to seeing you.