Our Digital Future at Congress 2021

Digital technology is now more important than ever – during the pandemic we have become reliant on the digital world in all aspects of our lives to work, play and keep in touch with loved ones.

At VMG SPVS Congress 2021, we will help you to maximise the benefit of digital technology within your practice.

In What we talk about when we talk about Digital? Amy Xu, Blue Cross discusses digital transformation and what it entails. How do you make it work for your organisation and crucially your clients.

A service designer at Blue Cross and former digital strategy consultant, Amy explains why it is imperative to think about Digital holistically and beyond the realms that many would consider as part of a digital transformation programme, such as your ways of working. She will also share how Blue Cross is putting inclusive design at the heart of its digital projects and why the ‘perfect archetype client’ is elusive.

In Veterinary Websites Fit for a Pandemic and a Post-Covid World Andrew Rastall, Connected Vet discusses how Covid has taught us that a veterinary practice website is about a lot more than just offering a shop window for prospective clients.  As receptions came under pressure and practices fought to keep up with an un-predictable and rapidly changing situation, practice owners found that their website became a vital conduit to inform, direct and in many instances slow down client demand for services.

In this session, Andrew shares his experience of creating and managing vet websites, with case study examples of how the websites of small to medium sized practices can stand up to even the most organised opposition.  He will show how to ensure your website is technically future-proofed as well as capable of dealing with the unexpected.  He will take you through what he believes is the single most critical technology that will revolutionize how your practice’s website will perform in 2021 & beyond and describe the seven website building blocks that have remained consistent throughout the pandemic period.

In Carbon Footprinting your Digital Footprint Ian Bitterlin, Critical Facilities Consulting discusses how to reduce your digital carbon footprint while continuing to be as efficient as possible in data storage and use of technology?  Although the energy needed for a single internet search or email is small, those scraps of energy, and the associated greenhouse gases emitted with each online activity, can add up. The carbon footprint of our gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions, according to some estimates. It is similar to the amount produced by the airline industry globally… and we are talking pre Covid air travel, not 2020!

Ian Bitterlin, a former Visiting Professor at Leeds University, knows a thing or two about data and shares some tips for greening up your technology.

Why not join us to hear from Amy, Andrew and Ian along with a fantastic mix of international speakers, presenting across 4 diverse streams, offering a wide variety of non-clinical sessions on business, leadership and management and more.  There’ll be plenty to interest and inform the entire team!

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We will also be recording all sessions, which means you can catch up on every session after the event, at your leisure.

Tickets are just £130 for members (booking before 12th April) and £200 for non-members, we also have some fantastic group discounts starting at just £100 per person, so why not register today!

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