Quality Improvement: Too important to leave to just the vets
Pam Mosedale, RCVS Knowledge

Pam is QI Clinical lead for RCVS Knowledge and Chair of the RCVS Knowledge Quality Improvement Advisory Board.

She was Lead Assessor for the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme until very recently. She has worked in first opinion practice for most of her career.

She is also an SQP assessor for AMTRA and edits the BSAVA Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicines and organises the BSAVA Dispensing Course.

Pam has been involved in establishing Quality Improvement resources for the veterinary practice team. She is passionate about QI becoming part of the normal working day for veterinary teams and contributing to a just learning culture in practice.

Session Synopses

Who is responsible for drawing up protocols & checklists and carrying out the audits, in your practice?   These are vitally important tools for practice improvement and are a new requirement for the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme and the awards.

Putting these tools in place is one thing, but what is the point of them and how do you convince the whole team to use them?

Sometimes these QI tools are seen as purely clinical, even though their successful implementation is all about teamwork and communication. You might be surprised how often someone is tasked with, for instance, checking the temperature of a fridge with no idea why, or even what, the correct temperature is!

This session, led by Pam Mosedale explores the role of practice managers, nurses and the reception team in ensuring quality improvement is properly understood and embedded throughout the whole practice team.