Greening up the vet profession: Practical steps to sustainable practice

3 March, Milton Keynes – Jurys Hotel (Please note this venue has been amended from Kent Hill Park)
Ellie West, Davies Veterinary Specialists & April Sotomayor, Investors in the Environment

What exactly is sustainability? Is it carbon or waste or both? And what could and should veterinary practices be focusing on to make the biggest impact? Quite apart from the ethical obligations, sustainability makes good business sense. From the PR angle, your clients will increasingly want to know you care, as will potential new staff members. Legally you are obliged to adhere to certain regulations and these will continue to become tougher, and financially, saving energy
and waste saves money. Ellie West is a leading light in veterinary sustainability, campaigning within the wider profession as well as leading by example in her own role at Davies Veterinary Specialists. She is joined by April Sotomayor who advises a range of businesses and professions on sustainability and together they take you through the challenges and practical solutions towards becoming a greener practice.

Who will benefit: Anyone in practice with an interest in or responsibility for sustainability and/or waste management.

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