Professor Bill  Lucas, University of Winchester at Focus on Leadership and Management

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We are delighted to have Professor Bill Lucas, Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester, speaking at SPVS & VMG  Focus on Leadership and Management Virtual Summit, on the 1st of December.

In The Power of a Growth Mindset: why certain habits of mind matter in clinical improvement Professor Lucas will explore whether you and your team are receptive to new ideas and ready to adopt change to your working practices in the light of evidence.

Quality Improvement within practice assumes that some cultures are more conducive to change and that there are certain habits of mind and action which are more likely to lead to improvements. At the core of these habits is the idea of a growth mindset.

Professor Lucas has researched this area extensively and published papers, reports and books on these topics. He lectures widely on growth mindset as a tool for educators and sports coaches. Evidence suggests that the same principles can be applied to clinical teams to ensure that they have a culture of continuous learning and improvement. In this session he will describe the habits of mind that can help to develop a culture of continuous clinical improvement and how you, as a manager or leader, can help cultivate those in yourself and your team.


Professor Lucas is just one of the leading speakers from the forefront of management training, who will be speaking as part of this full day, including two streams of live and interactive sessions and  digital exhibition.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend or would like to catch up on what you may have missed – all sessions will be recorded for you to download and watch at your leisure.

Tickets are £50 for members and £75 for non-members, with tickets for additional team members at just £25.

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