Profitable Practice in the Covid-19 Crisis

3rd June 2020 | LIVE WEBINAR

Covid-19 has created significant financial challenges for veterinary practices. According to a recent SPVS survey, income reductions of between 40-60% have occurred and practices have to consider how best they can restructure their practices most effectively.

Join Mark Harwood from Veterinary Accountants, Hazlewoods, for a one-day practice profitability live webinar. This webinar will offer an introduction to practice finance, demonstrate different cashflow tracking strategies, and offer practical steps to optimise your practice profitability moving forward. The day will be split into 6 sessions:

  1. Setting the scene: What shape is the veterinary profession in given the challenges of Covid-19?  What great practice learnings have come out of Covid-19?
  2. Introduction to practice finance: How to see the wood from the trees!  Dispel the myths! These are the areas you should be focussing on when looking at your accounts, including what KPIs to be tracking?
  3. Cashflow: Where do I start? This will include comparing models for tracking short and long term practice cashflow and tax saving ideas.
  4. Increasing profit: What can I do in the current climate to help increase practice profit?  To include case study examples.
  5. Government and other practice support: What is out there? Is it relevant to me?
  6. Action plan: What am I going to do tomorrow? In one month? In one year?

Each session will conclude with a live Q&A session, where Mark will be joined by Georgina Hills, IVC and VMG, who will bring her experience from both private and corporate practice, to answer your questions.  Feel free to send us any questions you’d like answers in advance too.

Who will benefit
This will be relevant to the whole practice team, particularly in these extraordinary times when practice finances are inevitably at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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