Sustainability in Practice

We are all aware that protection the environment is one of the most important issues facing us today.  That’s why this year we’re proud to be introducing our new Sustainability In Practice lecture stream in partnership with SPVS.

With informative lectures and debates from leading experts from within the profession and beyond….

Greening up the Vet Profession: the case for a professional approach
What exactly is sustainability? Is it carbon or waste or both?  And what could and should veterinary practices be focusing on to make the biggest impact? Ellie West a leading light in veterinary sustainability, campaigning within the wider profession as well as leading by example in her own role at Davies Veterinary Specialists and April Sotomayor from Investors in the Environment will be discussing these issues.  Quite apart from the ethical obligations, they believe that sustainability makes good business sense.  Whether you are a business owner wanting to understand why you should do this, or an employee wanting the ammunition to persuade your boss, Ellie and April have the arguments.
Sustainability Saves Money: a case study
Clare Topping is a Chartered Environmentalist and self-styled ‘Eco Ninja’ who works for Northampton General Hospital as Energy and Sustainability Manager.  She has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds and won environmental awards with her campaign to green up the hospital.  She also aims to enthuse and educate hospital staff to encourage greener behaviours.  From recycling crisp packets to greener ways to dry your hands; reordering theatre packs to a genuinely green solution dispensing drinking water, Clare will share some of her tips for greening up and winning hearts and minds.
Plastic and other Waste: Are you Compliant
Are you confident that you are compliant in waste management?  If so, whose advice are you taking?  Your local waste contractor?  RCVS PSS, the Environment Agency or the Health & Safety Executive?  You have legal, moral and professional obligations in terms of waste management, and they are not always in complete alignment.
When it comes to medical use of plastic, the picture can be complicated, but by understanding the issues, you can do your bit to help.  Anne Woolridge, an independent advisor in waste medical waste management (human and veterinary) will try to bring some clarity to an increasingly complicated picture.
How we did it… and won an award!
Ellie West, Davies Veterinary Specialist will share her journey towards putting the principles of environmental sustainability into practice in her own workplace. She will explain how she brought the team and her bosses at a top referral practice with her and the benefits they have seen, from recruitment and retention of staff to customer approval.  She will describe how Davies Veterinary Specialists gained their Silver Level accreditation with Investors in the Environment and the challenges and barriers to improving sustainability that you may face in your own practice and offer some positive solutions.
The Sustainability Q&A
Sustainability is a key priority for many of us both in our personal lives and at work, but it can be difficult to know where to start and what are the most effective steps to take.  This is your opportunity to quiz three people with some answers, Ellie West from sustainability award winning practice, Davies Veterinary Specialists, Anne Woolridge, waste management advisor, and April Sotomayor from Investors in the Environment who help businesses save money while reducing their environmental impact.

We’ve also introduced initiative to promote sustainability at Congress such as providing water coolers and coffee stations and encouraging delegates to bring their own refillable bottles and reusable coffee cups.  We will no longer be supplying bags, pen and paper to all delegates (bags made of recycled material will be available on request).  Mixed recycling bins will be provided throughout the lecture theatre floor and in the exhibition hall, and a prize draw will be offered to all those travelling by public transport.

We look forward to seeing you 23rd-25th January.

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