Teleconsultations: a whole team approach

At our Focus on our Digital Future Virtual Summit we will be devoting an entire  lecture stream to telemedicine, focusing on ‘how to do’ and incorporating experience and lessons learnt from practices who have been catapulted into teleconsults as a result of the Covid-19 social distancing rules.
Jo Woodnutt, VetHelpDirect will be discussing Teleconsultations: a whole team approach.

Receptionists and nurses play a crucial role in the success of teleconsultations in practice.  The receptionists are ones that will answer the phone and where, in the past, they would book someone in for a physical consultation, they can now be offering some clients the option of a teleconsultation. If you have made your vets available for free consultations over the phone in the past, they also need to manage this expectation as you move to a paid for teleconsultation service. Receptionists are often the ones that get the concept first and as such can become your telemedicine evangelists.   In this session, we will talk about how to onboard your reception team to ensure they are fully trained and fully behind teleconsultations.  Some nurse consults, such as weight clinics can work really well as teleconsults and can be a good entry into the concept.   Jo Woodnutt is a vet with a broad experience of running teleconsults and now advises practices, particularly on getting the whole team on board.

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