Vet Wellbeing in Practice

Our Vet Wellbeing in Practice courses were a sell out in 2019, we are therefore delighted to offer our refreshed Vet Wellbeing in Practice courses 2020.

Successful businesses are those that understand the importance of looking after their teams: is your practice one of them?  Vet Wellbeing in Practice makes the business and management case for investing in workplace wellbeing.

A member of the Workplace Wellbeing team at Mind the mental health charity, or the Scottish Association for Mental Health, provide an introduction to wellbeing in the workplace. Senior HR Consultant, Elaine Fisher and Kamal Chauhan explain your legal obligations around stress management.

Tracey Morley Jewkes draws on case studies from four years of SPVS/MMI Vet Wellbeing Awards and her own experience to offer practical and achievable ways to improve wellbeing in any practice, large or small. She is joined by team members from Vet Wellbeing Award winning practices.

Course Dates:

  • 25 March – Bristol

  • 13 May – Solihull

  • 16 September – Scotland

  • 25 November – Surrey

At just £95 per person this could be the best investment you make all year!

We look forward to seeing you!