Wellbeing in Practice

In partnership with RCVS MMI, SPVS VMG Congress 2020’s ‘Wellbeing in Practice’ lecture stream brings you a full day of informative and engaging content to help us all to feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace and beyond.

What’s more our morning sessions are chaired by the fabulous Claire Balding.

LGBT+ in Practice
Anecdotal evidence suggests that within the profession there is both misunderstanding and outright discrimination when it comes to LGBT+ issues. Do you understand your legal and personal obligations when it comes to sexual orientation and gender discrimination towards colleagues and clients?  Dan Makin, President of BVLGBT+ shares stories of discrimination leading to poor mental health as well as positive stories around those practices who get it right.  He makes the business, recruitment and legal case for introducing policies for your team to help educate, inform, and instil a sense of belonging.
Inclusion and Equality in the Workplace – Panel discussion
Is your workplace welcoming and non-discriminatory?  Do your team all have a sense of belonging?  Quite apart from your legal responsibilities around equality, a feeling of exclusion or otherness – or at worst outright prejudice – can contribute to poor mental health and low performance.   In contrast, a practice with good policies around equality and inclusion, who take this off the page and into day to day management, including their policies around client behaviour, can reap the benefits of a happy, healthy and neuro-diverse team. A panel including first-hand experience of mental health, neurodiversity, BME and LGBT+ is chaired by Clare Balding.
Being the leader, you and your team need
Good leadership is central to team morale and wellbeing.  So, what makes you who you are and how can you be the leader you want to be? We all have a past and, good or bad, it contributes to who we are and our strengths and weaknesses as leaders. Effective people and business leadership relies on exceptional self-leadership. What drives the leader you have become? How can you be the leader you aspire to be? Caroline Pearson will present current leadership thinking and challenge delegates to ask: Are you distracted or focused, selfless or egocentric, confident or diffident and, more importantly, why?
This is followed by a panel of Wellbeing Award Winners describing their own leadership journeys and styles and what they have learnt about themselves by leading others.
Civility in Practice
It is likely that at some point everyone will encounter challenging people at work, but when that person is in a position of authority or seniority and their behaviour is not challenged, they can become a risk.  Not only can their behaviour impact on the wellbeing of others, it can put clients, the team and animals in danger.  Bad behaviour from consultants within the NHS has been recognised and researched and is now being challenged, and the impact on team harmony, productivity and patient safety is coming under scrutiny.  Dan Tipney, VetLed will share the evidence from within the NHS and campaigns such as ‘Civility Saves Lives’ and considers how best to apply this learning to the veterinary profession.
We look forward to seeing you 23-25 January.
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